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Julie & Julia….and other movie stuff.

For me, it’s been kind of a dry summer for movies.  I’m not sure if it’s my personal schedule or just not that many movies that have caught my interest.  However, on a recent Saturday afternoon, my favorite movie partner … Continue reading

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Random thoughts on Golf….Birthdays….and lessons re-learned!

Many years ago, the pastor at the church I attended and I were having a conversation.   I was in seminary at the time and he was helping me with some thoughts on a particular class.   A little out of … Continue reading

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To Kenny Rankin…my overdue tribute!

I’m saddened to admit,  but I would imagine that many of you might not have ever heard of Kenny Rankin.  It is in my very humble opinion that this wonderful world we live in lost one of the great vocal … Continue reading

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Nia, for men?

Ok kids, let’s not dance around this, right up front, WHY DON’T WE SEE MORE OF THE MALE  GENDER IN NIA CLASSES? That being said, I know that I can truly only answer the question for myself, my observations, my … Continue reading

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So you want to write a screenplay?

Have you ever walked out of a theater and thought, “I could write a better movie than that?”  Well, I’m going to publicly admit that I have had that thought.   I have even shared the thought with friends of mine.  … Continue reading

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Are you a movie critic?

I have to confess, I’m probably not a very good movie critic, I just like movies too much.  Having written a couple of screenplays (for my own pleasure) and been a part of a short independent film, I have a … Continue reading

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Nia is……?

It would only make sense, but yet I’m almost always a little surprised when someone finds that I teach and take Nia, and they inquire….”So, what’s Nia?” I know, there was a time when I’d never heard of it, but … Continue reading

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