Barre Chords….What the heck?

I throw this up, just as a small cry for help!!!   Barre Chords…so what’s the secret, please.  While I’ve been playing now for a couple years, I do pretty well with most shapes of chords.  EXCEPT for the Barre chords.  I have only run into the Barre Chords on a few occasions, but in all honesty, that’s because I go to great lengths to avoid them.  So…I’m hoping some of you might share your thoughts or experiences.

Did you have trouble getting the fingers to cooperate and get a nice sound from them?

Is it worth the bother? Or can I play a lifetime without having to learn them?

Is is just a matter of blood sweat and tears? OR is there a secret that no one’s telling me about?

In the back of my mind, I sort of play the excuse, well, I have rather small hands, so it just isn’t going to be.   Probably not true, but I just keep it there.


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