Fred’s Blogging Page?

I’ve come to the cold hard realization that I’m one of those guys that learns a little about something, jumps in, and then has to learn so much more along the way.   As with so many things, there are some great advantages and some large disadvantages to this style.  But, for  me, it is what it is.  I guess I’m at the first step, admitting the problem.  More on all that later.

That being said,  part of  what lead me to this little adventure of blogging:  I was encouraged by others to write a blog about my many interests,  I looked around at some of the many blogs out there, I looked at different types of formats, and then just jumped in.   This is going to mean many changes along the way, a rather unfinished look for some time, and some confusion to the reader.

My hope is to create a separate main page sharing my interest and my story, and then a separate category for my individual thoughts about the subject and a place for you to jump in on the conversation.  Example:  You have an interest in the health and wellness, you may or may not have ever heard of Nia, but my story on the Nia Man page peaked an interest, so what to do?  Go the the catagory, Nia Stuff, click, and join in.

It’s all that simple.  So jump in….luv to hear from ya!

Thanks for your patience, and for heaven’s sake, have fun…..Fred

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