Nia is……?

It would only make sense, but yet I’m almost always a little surprised when someone finds that I teach and take Nia, and they inquire….”So, what’s Nia?”

I know, there was a time when I’d never heard of it, but now that I’ve been around it for some 5 years, and Nia is celebrating it’s 25 year anniversary this year, I just think more people have heard of it.

But in trying to answer the question, I have come to my somewhat 2 paragraph answer, although, it is always a little different.   SO, rather than give my somewhat standard answer, let me try this:

1.  Google it, or Youtube it.  There are some wonderful web sites, blogs, videos, etc, out there and the visuals that you will get will do much more than my inadequate words would do to explain it.

2.  Go to and read some of the stories and testimonies that people have shared, and something will surely begin to become clear to you.  Nia is a unique experience for most every student.

In the classes that I take and co-teach, my wonderful mentor/teacher/co-teacher Laurie Bass (and for more on the Nia Diva, go to her web site, and I have been asking students to share, in a word or so, what Nia is to them.   A sample of the responses:  INTEGRATING, COMPLETE, FULL, LOVE, FLUID, SATISFYING, WORKING, LIFTING, CHILD-FRIENDLY, FULFILLING, JOYOUS, (Laurie is now referred to as the “Maitresse de joie”, or…in my native tongue, Mistress of Joy), FREEING, NATURAL, SWEATY,  and many many more.  The point is that what I have come to love about Nia, is that I, along with so many others, have found that each class is wonderfully unique to each individual.

Truly, depending on what you want out of the particular class, within the choreography and music of the class, you decide, “I’m going to ramp this up and make it a nice, sweaty, workout”, or, the person right next to you might choose, “I’m going to make this an intrinsic, healing, meditative class”, or…oh, you get it.  I think this is truly why I have some difficulty in explaining what Nia is, it is so many things to so many people.

I do know this… of just recently, it is a noun.  Nia….it is….so look it up if you must, but more important….just try it.

Love to hear your thoughts on how you describe it….OR if you’ve never heard of it, and want to know more, let us know how we can help you find what Nia can be for you.

More later, but for now, thanks…..and for heaven’s sake….have fun…….Fred

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One Response to Nia is……?

  1. Caz says:

    To me – Nia is my Disneyworld – its the place where something magical happens – I get to be me – just plain old Caz – not the mum, friend, daughter, sister, sponsor stalker etc – just a chance to be me and get an hour to have fun, dance, play and look inside me and listen to my inner voice – a rare opportunity in my whirlwind of a life!
    Enjoying dancing through life in my hot Nia balanced body.

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