To Kenny Rankin…my overdue tribute!

I’m saddened to admit,  but I would imagine that many of you might not have ever heard of Kenny Rankin.  It is in my very humble opinion that this wonderful world we live in lost one of the great vocal artists of our time this last June 7th.

I’m going to age myself, but in the early 80’s I had the chance to head to the “Starry Night” in Portland for a concert of Kenny’s.  I say “Kenny” as if we were friends, but if you ever had the chance to be at one of his concerts, he had a way of truly making you feel as if he were your good friend.   That night, Kenny came onto the stage, sat on his stool, pulled out his guitar, and took us all on a trip never to be forgotten.

When Paul McCartney was inducted into the songwriters “Hall of Fame” he asked Kenny to represent him, he was so impressed with Kenny’s rendition of “Black Bird”.

Go to YouTube, itunes, wherever you can and spend some time with Kenny and his music, you will not regret it.  One of my favorites since the 80’s, his version of the Young Rascals “Groovin”.  Your Sunday afternoon will never be the same.

My personal tribute, I will spend some time with my guitar, and in the privacy of my home, sing “Groovin” with him.

Kenny, you are missed…..thank you!!!


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