Julie & Julia….and other movie stuff.

For me, it’s been kind of a dry summer for movies.  I’m not sure if it’s my personal schedule or just not that many movies that have caught my interest.  However, on a recent Saturday afternoon, my favorite movie partner and I were trying to decide between seeing Julie & Julia or 500 Days of Summer.   I knew very little about either one, so….flipped a coin.  Julie and Julia won the coin toss.  Once we got seated, the previews made their way off the screen and the movie got started, I actually got a little excited.  I saw that Nora Ephron has written and directed this, and I’m sorry, I like Nora Ephron films (Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally),  So, this is looking good.  And Meryl Streep, hard to go wrong there.   And, I’m just old enough I can remember seeing Julia Child on TV when I was younger, as well as Dan Akroyd impersonating her on SNL.

The movie.  In short, we cut back and forth between the life of  Julia Childs and Julie Powell.   Julie Powell is an aspiring writer, stuck in a bad job, who decides to add some kick to her life by making her way through Julia Childs recepie book, all 500 and some recipies in 365 days, and blogging her daily experience.   Julia Child, well, we get to know her before she was Julia Child.   The movie focuses on her and her husband when they were stationed in France, and Julia, decides that taking a cooking class might be a better thing than taking the hat making class.

You don’t have to be a Julia Child fan to like this movie.  But I will forewarn you, if you see the movie, you just might find yourself becoming a Julia Child fan.  We get to learn much about this time of her life from the actual letters Julia wrote to her sister and her pen pal.  It allows for great story, and Nora tells it well, but more, it allows us glimpses into Julia’s heart.

It’s awfully early to talk about Academy Awards, but Meryl Streep plays Julia to a tee, or at least what my minds eye wants her to have been like.  Amy Adams does a more that capable job as Julie Powell, but for me, these were some of the slow parts of the film.  I have to mention Stanley Tucci, who plays Julia’s husband in the film.  I just think Stanley Tucci is one of the best actors of our time, I do hope he starts to get the credit he so deserves.

So,  for a great little lift in your life….go see this.

Some Sidenotes:

1.  Happened to catch an old favorite on mine on HBO last night.   “3 days of the condor”, still stands up great.

2.  I don’t go to movies alone, been there, done that, not so much fun.  So I drag people with me.  Usually, my sis-in law Laurie, for the simple fact, she likes movies to, and for the most part likes the same type of movies that I do.  I bring this up because I hear from some people that going to a movie is not that great of a thing to do with someone else, you just sit there with no conversation.  To you, thank you for not talking during the movie (I hate that….eating during the movie bugs me too). But your missing much if you don’t have the conversation after.   With things like…..What I like most about the movie was…., I thought such and such a character was….., The biggest surprise was….., What I would change about the movie is…….., get the idea.

3.  Turns out, the fact that Laurie and I see more than 5 movies a year, puts us above the norm of the average US citizen.  Are you just a little surprised by that?  Most people I talk to can’t remember the last time they saw a movie at the theater, so I was a little surprised that the average was that high.

4.  If you saw 500 days of summer, please share your thoughts.

So, take someone to a movie.  And after, have some ice cream and some great conversation……and for heaven’s sake….have fun…….Fred.

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