From my guitar, a lesson on life!

A quick apology.  I told myself that when I started this blog that I would try and at least post a blog once a week.  I’m a little late this week….darn flu bug.  But…here we are, pre- Labor Day weekend  and below I share…my thought for the week.

I’m working on a new song with my guitar teacher extraordinaire, Doug Smith.  I would share the name of the song with you, only it escapes me. All I can seem to see are the difficult fingering changes in it.  But it is a blues song, written by Terry Robb…..”Gramma ____”.  But this is not the important part of this little story.

One of the interesting things Doug does when we’re tackling a new song is…he writes out what I believe to be the song at our lesson, we talk about some of the tricky parts, he plays it one last time, and then I’m on my way to work on it and we meet again in a couple weeks, with me hopefully playing a somewhat recognizable version of it.  Only, when it is a difficult song…maybe a little above my pay grade, I’ll come back after having worked on it, and Doug will say “Oh, by the way, there’s a couple more parts to this, here, we’ll work on it for next time.”  But for this particular song, we’ve had that conversation now for about four lessons, each time, adding a little more and getting a little more difficult.

Side note of “truth be known here”, I’m pretty sure most “wanna be” acoustic guitar players would get this much quicker than I do, so I’m probably sub-consciously making it sound like a much more difficult song than it is….but, for me, it truly is.

So, here I am, in the present, pretty sure I’m working on the last version, and having some major difficulty trying to make some of the fingering changes, and I just want to give up.   I decide to have a little pity party.  My genuine thoughts?  “Why is this so difficult?  Why can’t I be better at this after this many years?  Why does it feel like I’m still such a beginner?”

And then, an “ah ha” moment.

I’ve kept every lesson that Doug and I have had since day one, so I decided to take a break and go back and re-visit that first lesson.

Doug and I worked on 3 chords….from the key of G,   the G, C, and D chords, and….we started an acoustic solo version of “Ode to Joy”   I so remember how difficult it was to make those chord changes.  The next lesson, same chords…but worked on a new song…”Red River Valley”. and so on, and so on.

While I’m very much still in the category of beginner acoustic guitar player, I realize after this short diversion, I have come a long way.   I’m listing below some of my favorite songs that Doug has taught me over the years, some a simple accompaniment version, others an acoustic solo version.

Oh…but before that, the point????

***Today, you are a better person than you were yesterday.  If not, then simply try and be so!  And tomorrow, try to be better than you are today.   And once in awhile, for heaven’s sake, STOP, take a look back and allow yourself to feel the great joy and pride in knowing that your trying…that in fact, you’ve come along way baby.

So, now, in no particular order, I share with you from my current personal library of songs that I play on my guitar, for my own pleasure, in the privacy of my home:

Blackbird/McCartney, Wheels/Mark Hanson,  Canyon Cannon/Mark Hanson, Twinkle Twinkle, Ode to Joy, Classical Gas/Mason Williams, Fire & Ice, You’ve got a friend/James Taylor,  Norwegian Wood/Beatles, Sounds of Silence/Paul Simon, Groovin/Young Rascals, Holding back the years/Simply Red, Theme from Saving Grace/Everlast, Love Song/Elton John, Horse with no name/America, Nothing in my way/Keane, Mt. Tabor Breeze/Mark Hanson, Say/John Mayer, If you could read my mind, Beautiful/Gordon Lightfoot.  Midnight on the Mediterranean/Fred Bass.

There you have it.   So, what are some acoustic guitar songs that you like, that maybe I could learn?

Have a great weekend, and for heaven’s sake, have fun…..Fred

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2 Responses to From my guitar, a lesson on life!

  1. Laurie says:

    Oh, Bass! You crack me up!! Do tell, what exactly is your “pay grade” ?? and puhleassse, stop the pity party;) You’ve come a long way on that finger-style playing guitar stuff….xo

  2. fredbass says:

    Thank you! I would share with you my pay grade, but I’m just a little too embarrassed to share how low it is.

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