Nia Dance & Decorate Jam & Fundraiser

I promise, I will rarely ask anything of any of you that read this blog, but I wanted  to share with you some personal thoughts on an upcoming Dance & Decorate Nia Jam Charity Fundraiser that’s coming up.

I know that some of us know each other through Nia, others through our love of Movies, or guitar stuff, or just stuff,  but not so much on a personal sense, I get it, that’s life, so it feels a little uncomfortable to share this, but here it is.

Two of my children suffered from a form of a rather rare metabolic disorder that took my daughter, Jaime, when she was 19, and a few years later, my son, Joel, when he was 15.  I know that all of us share the perspective that given the choice, we can find some wonderful miracles in the midst of some of the most tragic parts of life.   For me, one of those miracles was the times that Jaime & Joel spent at the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.  Words are so inadequate to try and share with you what the staff and other families were like during our times there.  So many people go out of there way, for no other motivation than to try and make your life just a little more pleasant.  I so believe in the Angels that walk among us, and many of them hang out at Doernbechers.

So, that being said, is there anything more natural for us AppasioNias, who are in the business of self healing and helping others self heal, than to team with Soaringwords, have a little dance to raise some funds to decorate with messages of love and healing and provide them for the children and families that are currently in a difficult time, and having a healing stay at Doernbechers.

How can you be an Angel?   Easy…..1.  You can click the link http://soaringwords .givezooks. com/campaigns/ portland- oregon-make- a-difference- day and simply donate online to help pay for the costs of the quilts and pillows.  OR, 2, grab your friends and family, twist their arm, get them to donate on line.  OR 3, Purchase a ticket to the Nia Jam, Sept. 26, 10:15 am at Studio Nia and come dance and then stay for the decorting the quilts & pillows at 11:15.,  OR 4, purchase a bunch of tickets and get your friends and family to join us on the 26th.

Hope you can help in any way that you can.  Any questions, drop a line.

Luv you all……Fred

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3 Responses to Nia Dance & Decorate Jam & Fundraiser

  1. Sally Ringholm says:

    Oh, Fred, who among us in your Nia world could possibly ignore your call to action? Thank you for asking, thank you for reminding us of how interconnected we all are, thank you for sharing your loss and pain and hope and joy, thank you for being the rare man that you are. I know that I am not alone when I think of you with genuine endearment as “our Fred” among our local ApassioNias. You inspire! You make me laugh! You rock! Count me in!

  2. Christina says:

    Gave Laurie my donation last night. Wish I could join you in person but will send my spirit with you guys on Saturday. I’ve commited to giving my daughter a chance to dance in the Nutcracker this year and rehearsals are Saturday. Reposted the link to my few non nia facebook friends but just let me know if there is anything else I can do. “heart”

  3. Caz says:

    Today was extra special – it was awesome to share in the Nia community and feel the energy and love in the room! Its always wonderful to get a chance to donate our time and artistic talents….well artisitc attempts..with others and raise money for great cause. I also got a chance to heal my heart, dance with my angel (my mom) who passed away 4 years ago. Just a wonderful, spirit lifting, happy, smily day:-)

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