Nia, Me and you…..going Blue!

For those of you still not familiar with Nia, come on, do a little research, take a class from one of your local Nia teachers, just what are you waiting for….oh, I’m sorry, I digress.

One of the tools available to those of us wishing to deepen our own Nia practice, personally or professionally,  we can attend a Nia Intensive.   They are typically a week long session and help us to deepen our own practice (think of it as a yoga practice, only moving),  by sharpening, shaping, our skills, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.   And since some of you just need to know, the levels are White, Green, Blue, Brown, and Black.

Tomorrow, Sept. 26th, begins my own personal journey and adventure with the Blue belt intensive.  Several of you have asked that I share on the blog each day how it’s going.  I have to tell you, my first thought….no.  I just couldn’t get myself all that excited about getting on line about 10:00 pm each evening sharing the details of what I hope to be learning.  It feels a little daunting.   .  But then it was suggested,  Why not simply share your personal impressions of the week as they happen?

So, here’s the deal.  This next week,  I’ll truly try and share a thought or two each day of my experience going Blue.  OR, you may not hear from me till next week.   Either way, something to look forward to.

Those of you not into Nia and want to hear about something else.  Well just be patient of get on board.

Next week, we will talk about some movies.   I have somewhat recently seen “District 9” and “500 Days of Summer”.

Here’s to all of you having a great week….and for heaven’s sake….have fun……Fred

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3 Responses to Nia, Me and you…..going Blue!

  1. Christina says:

    Cool stuff Fred. Can’t wait to hear your impressions. We’ll be holding the space for you westside!

  2. Laurie says:

    oooooooh, Freddie. I am on the verge of my seat, feeling great pride and anticipation as you step into Blue. I am looking forward to your words.

  3. Caz says:

    Look forward to the blue belt learnings! Make sure you have fun too!

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