Nia, Blue and you….part II….let’s save the world!

Wow, you know when you’ve been away from something for a good length of time, your mind sort of stores some less than joyful parts of it in the far recesses of you memory, to possibly never remember it again, and others parts of the same memory, let’s say with “rose colored glasses”.  I’m told by some female gender friends of mine that giving birth is sort of like that, as time goes on you forget all the painful parts of it (or most of them) and remember the wonderful sight of seeing your child for the first time.

Well, it’s been two years, almost to the day, since I took my first Nia Intensive, and here I am at lunch on the third day of my Blue Belt intensive, and time has allowed me to forget the sensation of being just utterly overwhelmed by all the information that my mind, body, soul, and emotions go through.  But today, I am reminded of that sensation.  I have to keep reminding myself, although my mentor does a pretty good job of it, that as was with the white belt, that it will all process through you in it’s own Natural time.

Those of you that are already Blue Belts, well, having caught just a glimpse of the personal changes  from “communication/relationship/intimacy, it’s hard to imagine what life will be like when it all takes hold.

Nuff said on the actual Blue Belt.  If I might, my total off the cuff, personal observation of thus far:

One of the magical things about intensives is the unique people that come, and where they come from.  It is such a wide spectrum.  People from all corners of the world come to Portland for the intensives.

I am reminded once again of the uniqueness of each one of us that are on this earth.  There are some 27 of us here at the intensive, no one with the same body type, no one with the same color hair, no one with the same tone of voice,  nor the same texture of laugh.  I would imagine that few of us share the same political, religious, or world views.   BUT, this I do know, no matter our viewpoints, beliefs, faiths, on all the other things, we all come together for a week, and share the common desire, intent, focus, and work to create an environment for ourselves and for those that we share our Nia practice with in our worlds back home, of joy, love, and healing through movement with music.  In this week….we build a community.

I’m awed that  such a diverse group can come together and “build” something UP as opposed to coming together and “tearing” something down.

It would seem,  that with all that our world is experiencing,  we could come together, with what small common good we can muster up, and choose to build up…….before it’s too late.

So, thanks for allowing me to get up on my box during the lunch break.

Be good, and for heaven’s sake…..have fun……..Fred

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2 Responses to Nia, Blue and you….part II….let’s save the world!

  1. Kaycheri says:

    Life is so beautifully syncronistic (sp?)! I’ve never read your blog before. I was just wandering around in the blogs and just read your comment on the Blue Belt Intensive you are taking. I was auditing there with you yesterday! I really really enjoyed reading your observations!


  2. fredbass says:

    Thanks Kaycheri: thank you for your presence at Blue, as well as the Jam on Saturday, what a blessed event. Thanks for the note….Fred

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