Nia Blue, Day 6, a deeper shade of blue!

It’s a little later than I would like it to be on the eve of my last day of the Blue Belt Intensive, and I honestly have been trying to figure out how to put into words just how to share this experience  with you.   For those of you who have children,  it’s kind of like when you have your first child, and how drastically your life changes in what seems like an instant.  Your sleep becomes almost non-existent, your priorities have been completely turned upside down (so long golf for a bunch of years), you find it so hard to comprehend how much you love this little bundle of humanity, and it dawns on you that if in some cruel world, you were asked to give up your life, truly, for  someone,  you know without hesitation that for this child, you would.

BUT, how can you possibly expect someone who has never had a child to comprehend that, to feel that.  They don’t, they can’t, and you understand that, just a few days ago you were one of them.

Blue Belt is like that.  I can’t explain in words how a week with a Nia trainer, in my case Carlos and Debbie,  and the principles of Blue Belt changes you.   My hope and desire is that I can take these principles, these changes , and bring some sense of joy to my world and those that share it with me.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me this week.  Luv you all.

OH…for those of you at this Sunday’s morning Nia class, get ready, we will rock the house.

Have a great week, and for heaven’s sake….have fun…….Fred

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3 Responses to Nia Blue, Day 6, a deeper shade of blue!

  1. Christina says:

    Congratulations Fred!! And I am beyond excited to see you Sunday. I’ll even wear my sassy pants in honor of your first class as a Blue Belt. 🙂

  2. Caz says:

    You rocked the house, made us smile, sweat and laugh!
    Congratulations on completing the blue belt and look forward to sharing how you will change the world!

    • fredbass says:

      Caz, thanks, I sure had a great time, wanted to also thank you about your remarks earlier about the jam. When I next get the chance, I would luv to tell you my thoughts about dancing with Jaime & Joel.

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