Thanksgiving Celebration

My last post was about one of my “Humbling Halloween” experiences.  I thought best not to follow suit on the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

I recognize that the newspapers, news stations, news blogs, etc. are in the business of selling headlines, and headlines with bad news for some reason tend to sell more than headlines with good news.  Or so I’ve been told.  I came across a quote while spending some of my valuable time on facebook just yesterday,   it was from a friend of mine back in my high school days, and if I can recall it, the quote was from her dad, that went something like, “Call me when the news is good”.    I could go on, but I think we could all agree, we could all stand a little more “good” news in our world.

Let’s try something.  take a moment, hit the comment button and share one thing, just one little thing that you are thankful for.  Anything.  Maybe 2 things.  Heck, maybe tonight, just before you fall asleep, you’ll think of several things.   Whenever, wherever it hits you,  get to your computer, get online, come to the Blog, hit the comment button and share.

And for those of you who tell me “I read your blog, but just didn’t want to share a comment on the blog, so I’ll just tell you…..”, this time, hit the comment button and share.

My hope is that in our own small way, in this season of Thanks, we can overcome all the static, with some genuine good news, some celebration, some gratitude.

In advance, I thank you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, and for heaven’s sake….have fun…..Fred

Just to get it started,  a few of the thanks I have, in no particular order:

-My children, Jaime, Aaron, Joel and Jessica.
-My many Nia buddies, thank you all across the world for the shared energy and luv.
-My faith.
-My family, Bob & Phyllis, Paula, Lauri, Bruce & Sandy, Randy & Mimi, Joe & Michelle, Bart & Laurie (my Nia mentor), Lisa, Therese & David, Rob & Nellie.
-My crazy little niche business.
-My Nia White Belt & Blue Belt buddies, and looking forward to making and being thankful for Brown Belt buddies next year.
-The great and wonderful athletes and coaches I have the privilege to work with at Glencoe track.

More to come!

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5 Responses to Thanksgiving Celebration

  1. Christina Norman says:

    I am grateful for my family, my mother, my kids and my husband who loves me as I am, something that always amazes me.

    I am grateful for the joy Nia brings to my life and especially for all my Nia friends and to you and Laurie for being such an inspiration and for mentoring me.

    I am grateful for the time that I do have left with my grandmother and my father, however much remains.

    I am grateful for the music in my life. I cannot remember a day that has gone by where I have not turned on the radio, played a cd or listened to a mix of my mp3s on the computer. Be it favorite songs from a Nia routine, music from my teens, the little songs my children sing or artists that I have recently discovered, like Zoe Keating or Ardin Kaywin, music has always been a important part of my life.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Me….I am grateful for my hubby, my fun loving/drive me crazy/make me laugh on the floor kids, my family, my friends, especially my BFF from high school – not even different countries can separate us.

    I am stepping into this new level of Nia – thanks to you and Laurie for being such amazing shining lights and leading me down this path.

    I am thankful that I have a larger than life passion for health and fitness that I love to share with anyone who will listen (LOL!).

    I am so grateful to the wonderful lady in my life – my dear friend Carol – who lets me know that age is not a barrier to anything, a kind spirit can lead to amazing things – like learning to do trapeze @70, and working her way through the martial art belts @71 (she’s gonna love me for posting her age!). She was the first person to welcome me into her American family 8 years ago, and has been there every step of the way as I transitioned from a family of 2 to 3 and finally 4.

    For the fantastic husband, who encourages me to take my passions for life to the next level.

    Most of all this year..I am so thankful for the gift of health. Without your health, you have nothing. I have it in abundance, and I will dance with it and celebrate with a smile:-)

  3. Caz says:

    WhoopsI forgot to add my name – I was Anonymous in the previous post!

  4. Laurie says:

    I am grateful to be alive in body, mind, emotion and spirit.

    I am grateful for my Montana family and roots: for my beautiful mother, my easy going father, my sweetest ever twin sister, for the big heart of my younger brother and for the smiles and uniqueness of every niece and nephew.

    I am grateful for my Oregon family: for the love my husband, for the relationships I have with his family and for his very active, spirited mother who keeps us all on our toes!

    I am grateful for friends: my forever friends, those of the past, the present and the future.

    I am grateful for my Nia family: our students, our growing community, my Nia brothers & sisters, my trainers, my Belt Buddies, the known and for the mystery of the unknown.

    I am grateful for you, the balance you bring to our teaching team and for holding the space for all those dudes out there.

    I am grateful for the small stuff and the big stuff. I am grateful to be an expressive, alive, energetic and passionate being.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Bass!

  5. Lila says:

    I am grateful that I came back to read your blog when I could really pay attention… “Yes, you are an expressive, alive, energetic and passionate being.”
    I am grateful for your friendship & patience, and for the gentle reminders that you give to me.
    I am grateful for my latest practice inspired by you… whenever I start having a conversation in my head (you see, I’ve been known to “make stuff up”) and realize it, I tell myself, “give me 10” and immediately must spout 10 gratitudes. Brilliant really.

    I am grateful that I have too many gratitudes to write in this box… but here are a few….
    I am grateful for my beautiful healthy boys, and especially the moments when I am present enough to really Be with them.
    I am grateful for what a fabulous father Magnus is to my children.
    I am grateful for my new, raw, real transparent friendship with C.
    I am grateful for my nutty and ferocious declaration of self-love and for every old demon it awoke. I am grateful for my own bravery and transparency in the process. I am grateful when I reach out, and someone reaches back. I am grateful when I reach out, no matter who reaches back.

    I am grateful for my home, my bed, for rest, for friends near and far, for longing, envy, lust, greed, and the wisdom to see them all as teachers. I am grateful for truffles, for seeing my eagle friends every day. I am grateful for Georgia calling at just the right time. I am grateful for my newly cleaned house.

    There’s so much more. See too much for this box!
    I am grateful for my newly

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