Why don’t you blog more often?

Someone recently asked when I was next going to post on my blog.  I knew it had been awhile, but I honestly couldn’t tell you without looking at the date as to exactly when the last time I posted was.   Turns out, last time I blogged was Jan. 16th.  On one hand, I actually felt pretty good, thought it had actually been longer, on the other hand, it did cross my mind “why HAS it been so long since I last blogged”.

Well, in a word…..TIME, and maybe PRIORITIES.  But that would be two words.

Here are some thoughts on the subject, and in no particular order:

***  When I started this little project (a blog), I told myself I’d write when I felt like writing, not when I felt like I had to write.  I told myself along time ago I wasn’t going to do things because I had to, but because I wanted to.  In that spirit, I’m writing today because I feel like it, and I feel like putting other things off.

Some of the obstacles of daily life that keep me from writing a blog:

A.  Work:    (or as I sometime refer to it,  the thing I do that pays the bills):  For those of you who don’t know this about me, to try and eek out a living, I engrave things.  I engrave granite tombstones, artwork and names into stones and bricks.  You can find my website at www.stoneart.biz I share that with you only because business in December, January, and early February are typically a little slower.  This year has not been quite the case.  Now, knock on wood, I am most grateful for that, but at the same time, it takes away my coveted time to write you all on this blog.

B.  Nia:  If you are asking yourself “what is Nia”, then go to the other part of my blog and read about my love of Nia.  OR go directly to the source at nianow.com and discover for yourself the gift that Nia has become for so many and may become for you.   BUT, that being said, I find myself loving the fact that I am either taking or teaching a Nia class 4-5 times a week.  Beyond that, my mentor, oh, and my sister-in-law and I have put together this nifty little thing we call “Team Bass”.  We get to have a bundle of fun by team teaching classes, or the occasional jam.  We have just put the finishing touches on 3 upcoming projects that we think are just going to be the cat’s meow for us, and hopefully our local community.   I will tell you more in the next blog!  When I have time, promise.

C.  Coaching Track:   After a lengthy hiatus, in the spring of 2000 I found myself back coaching the distance runners at one of our local high schools.  While it is at times a lot of work, frustrating, humbling, I just love the young people that try to better themselves at running and I want to help them in any way I can.   We started our unofficial workouts on Dec. 1st, and we start the daily official workouts next Monday.  Again, love doing this, except for the time it takes me away from communicating with you….my wonderful little fellow bloggers.

D.  Guitar:  What’s the point of owning a guitar if you’re not going to play it….right? I don’t play nearly often enough nor good enough, but I enjoy it when I find the time.  I even got so bold that last week I purchased a very inexpensive electric guitar….can you see that in your mind….me….rock and roll….ha.  Love it, except for the times it takes me away from communicating with all of you here, in our little blog world.

E.  Screenplay:  If you have read any of my previous  blogs, it will be no surprise that  I’m still working on “Containment”, my little screenplay.  For the longest time I’ve been worried that I just have a bad case of “writer’s block”.  I now believe it is just a case of finding, or really,  making the time.  So, please, help me find the time….help me get this done so that I can spend more time writing about my make believe world with all of you here on my blog.

F.  Housework:  Ha, are you kidding.  If I enjoy doing all the above things and can’t find time to get them all in, how the heck would I ever find the time to do laundry, to clean the house, the dishes, sweep the floor, dust….by the way, where does dust come from?  Really?   And why haven’t we figured out a way to stop dust from re-producing itself, or whatever it does to find it’s way into my house.  I just hate the idea of doing housework, especially when it keeps me from getting online and writing all the cool things on my blog that I’m just dying to blog about, but can’t find the time.

G.  Social Life:  Imagine if I had any kind of a social life, heck, I’d never make it to this little blog page.

Well, I’d like to share more, but my buddy just called and we’re going to get in a quick nine holes at “The Hills” before it gets’ dark.  I will enjoy it, but frankly,  not quite as much just knowing that it keeps me from blogging.  Hey, maybe I’ll try and update you on my blackberry……Nah.

Be good….and for heavens sake……Have Fun!!!!    Fred

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