I’mmmmmm Baaackkkk!

Do you remember that line in a movie?  Wasn’t it Jack Nicholson’s character in the Shining?  Well, that’s a little how I feel, only without the crazed look, the ax in my hand.   It’s has been far too long and I have many things to share.

Like…..Oh….my stint as the distance coach for one or our local high schools has come o a close, just have the banquet left (one of the more difficult nights for me),  and I hope somehow to put into words in the next week for you what this season has been like.

Oh….and work at the office is steady and I have some thoughts to share with you there.

Oh….and time to brush the dust off the outline for my screenplay “Containment”, and get back to sharing some of my struggles, and maybe even my success with you.

Oh…and some sort of odd, but good news….I never really thought about my fingernails until I started playing acoustic guitar.  Just over a year ago I didn’t quite get my hand out of the door of a car when it was shut, no major damage other than a lost fingernail.  However, when it grew back, it had a split down the middle, and each time I thought it was strong enough to play guitar with, it would just split again.  Finally, I started using a “nail hardner” (can’t believe I just admitted that) and it seems to be paying off.  Just started using my “real” nail when playing and so far so good.  If you’re actually wondering….each time I would play,  I would tape  an acrylic nail over my real nail….the things we do for the things we love.  I share this with you only because I think my playing is getting better and Laurie and I have been talking about putting together part of a Nia class with a live acoustic set.  Can’t wait to share more as we explore putting it together.

Oh….I’ve started growing a garden.  set aside a 70’x 100′ area, tilled it, or I should say, tilling it (already a hole lot more work than I have ever anticipated) with a front end tiller.  I shut the tiller off some 12 hours ago and I still can’t feel anything with my hands and arms.  I think I’m not quite 1/2 done tilling.  I have the water hooked up and ready to go….Now….what to plant?  Any thoughts?

So, for the 4 or 5 of you that are so kind to read my words and have enjoyed the little break, it is over.  I am back.  See you soon, and until then…..for heaven’s sake, have fun……..Fred

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2 Responses to I’mmmmmm Baaackkkk!

  1. Catherine Carlson says:

    Hi Fred-
    Love getting to know the non-Nia you!
    FYI- my husband John plays Flamenco guitar and knows the ins and outs of nail-loss and how to get them back. His skills have saved me from some painful nail tears as well. I know Krazy Glue is helpful plus kleenex and ??? you might want to e-mail him so he can explain: juan_ole@hotmail.com

  2. karen holah says:

    The most exciting thing to me is discovery of self and that is so often done through the mirror of others. I’ve known you to be a charming and intelligent man, but had no idea until reading your words what it was that grew you into this place. There’s a talent here for expressing that I so much appreciate and an awareness that is unusual and tells me (between the lines) more of who you are and in response, more of who I am. Thanks for doing that. See you at Nia in Nov.

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