Sting, Symphonicity

By way of review, a small glimpse of my activities these last few months.  A. Just completing one of the most rewarding, but intense track coaching seasons,  B. sharing some new wonderful Nia teaching responsibilities at a new location.  C.  Co-planning and putting on one of the biggest Nia classes I’ve had the chance to be a part of with Laurie, and having a great time putting a short video up on Youtube of it.  D. Memorial Day and spring have a natural trend to being a busier time of work, (knock on wood to be busy).  I’ve always prided myself on being able to keep track of the tasks I have to do in my head, I now have keep them in “Excel.”  And the last time I picked up a golf club was the middle of March.

I would venture to bet that we all share that sense of “where is the light at the end of this tunnel?”

Smack in the middle of all this, came a most unexpected renewal for me.  It was one of those things…on my schedule, so it was no real surprise, but I just had no time to anticipate about how great this might be.  I simply found myself with a sense of fatigue, sitting in a seat at 7:55 pm, Friday evening at the Schnitz, when the lights lower and 45 members of the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra take their seats on the stage.  My ears are filled with the sounds of the strings and horn sections tuning their instruments…. it quiets…. the conductor makes his way to the stage to a nice applause.  The quartet of Dominic Miller (guitarist), David Cossin (a multi-percussion specialist), Jo Lawry (vocalist) and Ira Coleman (bassist)…. more applause…. the orchestra starts an arrangement of music that is certainly familiar, but I can’t quite name it…and then…from stage right, enters,  Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, or as most of us know him….Sting.

For the next 3 hours, (with a 20 minute intermission_) my ears, eyes, mind, heart and soul, rose to the heavens with the likes of Faith, Englishman in NY, Roxanne, Shape of my Heart,  Message, Every Breath, Desert Rose.

Maybe it was because I went with no expectations, a weary body, and soul.  Maybe it was the freshness of being only the 2nd night of his tour.  Maybe it was the unique arrangements along with the 45-piece orchestra, or the charismatic “conductorship” Steven Mercurio.  Maybe it was the bigger than life voice of Sting along with the storytelling introducing his songs.  Maybe a little of all the above and some more, but it was an evening of renewal, of life, of inspiration.

I don’t see myself as a “plugger” of things…. products, movies, etc., but if you are anywhere near this tour and you have a chance to see Sting and the Royal Philharmonic, I promise you…. an evening you will not soon forget.

And if not Sting, find some way to take a few minutes to renew, to be inspired.  And whatever you do…..have fun!…..Fred

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2 Responses to Sting, Symphonicity

  1. Caz says:

    You know that I JUST have to leave a comment on this one….I just see the word Sting and I MELT…I hear him on CD and his voice takes me to my happy place….seeing in LIVE in concert is just MAGICAL. Even Sting himself has reinvigorated his passion for his older music under these arrangements and the Orchestra. And I think that it showed in this concert. To me this is his him at his BEST….and oh did he take me to my happy place…..well I am still on that ride…and yes I am having FUN!

  2. Lila says:

    This comment is a bit out of date, BUT
    Oh God, Caz, Did you go too…? Yow, I’m so out of the loop. I guess neither of you knew that I have been in Love with Sting forever. I’m happy you all got to enjoy him.

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