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The Best Golf of my Life…and Nia???

I have a rather long and somewhat sordid history with the game of golf.  I learned it at a young age, put the game away while raising a family, and have been back at it for the last decade, flirting … Continue reading

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One of the reasons I love where I live:

I had the occasion to travel to a job site in Corvallis yesterday morning.  Easiest way for me to get there is to travel the back roads of Oregon, and for those of you in the know, mainly Hwy 47 … Continue reading

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A Few Summer Random Thoughts & Observations:

A good friend of mine recently commented to me “You know, you don’t have to write something meaningful on your blog, just write something, anything, just get it out there!”  I took it as a compliment that she actually read … Continue reading

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A Year? Really? A Whole Year?

 On July 30, 2009, I posted my first blog. In the last 365 Days: –  29 posts on topics from family, to guitars, to movies, to coaching, to just some stuff. –  92 kind folks actually were brave enough … Continue reading

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