A Year? Really? A Whole Year?

On July 30, 2009, I posted my first blog.

In the last 365 Days:

–  29 posts on topics from family, to guitars, to movies, to coaching, to just some stuff.

–  92 kind folks actually were brave enough to leave a comment (good or bad).

–  2,246 is the number of visits to my blog.  And I feel fairly confident that at least 6 of those actually meant to go to my site.

Looking back, some observations about blogging:

1.  How do folks do this everyday…..really?

2.  It just takes a lot of pure discipline (which is not a part of my DNA) to sit down and write a post.

3.  It is multiple times more difficult to write one of any interest.

4.  The few times I have actually followed the practice, it really does read better after one has gone back and proofed what I think is the perfect post.

5.  Having just sat here and read all 29 of my posts,  I am awed by the fact that the same period of time from the perspective of one post feels like so long ago, and from the view of another post, feels like yesterday.  Ah the wonders of life.

6.  It takes more technological skill than I would have imagined to simply change the banner on a blog page.  However, more by luck than skill, we have touchdown.

To all of you, thanks!  For your encouragement!  For hanging with me for the last 365 days.  I’d like to say I look forward to writing the next 29 posts, but that would be a little less than truthful.  But I can say, I look forward to looking back with you at the next 29 posts and seeing where the journey has taken us all.

And let’s promise each other, that wherever the journey takes us, for heavens sake, let’s have fun!….Fred

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One Response to A Year? Really? A Whole Year?

  1. Laurie says:

    congrats on your blogger birthday, bass. it’s been fun and often entertaining reading your posts, witnessing your writer’s voice evolve and writing develop. keep tapping away!

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