A Few Summer Random Thoughts & Observations:

A good friend of mine recently commented to me “You know, you don’t have to write something meaningful on your blog, just write something, anything, just get it out there!”  I took it as a compliment that she actually read my blog and that she pretended there was anything with meaning on it.  Or, maybe her strategy was just to get me to write some more jibber.   So, some random jibber.

CHANGES:  Every once in awhile, you just sort of have to make a change.  While there are so many things I could change, I chose to change the colors of my house.  What once was gray with white trim, in now, green with an off white trim.  Actually, (and I’ll never understand where they come up with some of the names for paint colors) it is “Forest Green” and “Eloquent Ivory”.

TRAVELS:  My life is pretty much spent around my house and my office.  But every so often I surprise myself and take a road trip.  Last weekend, Friday night was spent with some wonderful friends at the 39th Abbey Bach Festival.   A yearly event held at  Mt. Angel Abbey.  (little history, I spent my freshman and sophomore years of high school there)  It was an evening of Food, Friends, Vespers, Willamette Master Chorus and the Boulder Brass Ensemble.   The gentleman introducing the segments for the Boulder Brass portion of the evening was truly worth the price of admission with moments like…to the audience “So…next we’re going to perform….oh, what’s it say in your program….we’re not going to do that…let’s skip on down…what’s after that?”

It was great to touch bases with Father Paschal and Brother Vincent.

Next morning, bright and early, I pick up my son, Aaron, and we make our annual trip up to the Chambers Bay golf course (see August  23, 2009 post).  It was almost a “Groundhog Day” moment.  Same cloudy day to start out, same early afternoon burn off, same phenomenal weather, same great fellowship, and the golf wasn’t even too bad.  My favorite quote of the day:  we had just sat down for a bite to eat on the outdoor patio overlooking the golf course and there is a short conversation between  Aaron and his friend from school, Shaun after the hostess had just seated us.

Shaun:  Aaron, you know that girl.

Aaron:  Don’t think so, why?

Shaun:  She just seemed rather cold to you.

Aaron takes another look:  You know what, that looks like a girl I dated.

Shaun:  What happened?

Aaron:  Well, suffice it to say, we dated for about 10 minutes, and it didn’t end well.

Sorry, that’s all of the story I got.  And being his dad, it might have been more than I needed to know.  But it was another day spent with Aaron that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

BTW, it wasn’t her.  (I can’t believe I just wrote btw, I have to get a life….oh, who says lol is “lots of laughs” and that it’s not “lots of love”.  Just wondering.)

SUMMER NIA:  Laurie (the other half of the Team Bass Nia Team) is attending a very special Nia event for the next few days.  Last night, I was the sole Nia teacher, and our student attendance was like half of what it is on a normal Wednesday evening.  So, not taking anything personal, here are my thoughts.  1.  It’s summer, and attendance just drops.  2.  Half of the class heard last week that Laurie wasn’t going to be there and figured “what the heck, it’s only going to be Fred, so I’ll miss this week.”  3.  Half the class heard Fred was going to be teaching and weren’t going to miss it for the world.  4.  Nobody really listened and it is just what it is.  But had a great time, thank you FF, LeahAnn, Rose and Gerri.

TEA TIME:  I’m having tea with Kaytlin Fischer in about an hour.  I have mentioned in previous posts what a privilege it has been to be one of her distance coaches these last few years.  We’re having tea today because she leaves for college on Saturday.   Kaytlin is not just a great and very dedicated runner, she is one of the most wonderful human beings you could ever meet.  Kaytlin, Cornell is lucky to have you for the next few years.  We all look forward to hearing of all your adventures.  And for us to do that, (enjoy your adventures)  you’ll have to post a little more often than you currently do.  Our best wishes to you.

Oh, what does it say about me that I have a Starbucks Gold Card?…not good huh?

MOVIES:  Saw “The girl who played with fire” over the weekend.  Didn’t realize until it was too late that it was the sequel to “The girl with the dragon tatoo”.  Probably should have seen that one first.

SWOLLEN FACE:  I’d like to say to all that ask, the reason the left side of my face is swollen was the battle I was in to protect a damsel in distress, and that if you think this looks bad, you should see the other guy.  I’d like to say that but the truth is a swelling from “dental work”.  My wonderful dentist warned me on Monday that I might experience some swelling over the next few days.  The next morning, I look in the mirror and it would appear that I’m storing way more nuts in my mouth for the winter than any good chipmunk would ever need for the whole winter.  The weird part, it doesn’t really hurt (it dawns on me a short time later that could be the vicadin), it looks like it should hurt, like REALLY hurt.   Later, I’m at the grocery store and I notice this gal staring at me.  I’m trying to figure out if maybe I know her, but then I catch a reflection of myself in the glass of the frozen food section, and I’m reminded that she’s never seen anyone look this much like a chipmunk.  I want to personally thank my co-workers for laughing out loud for only half the day.  By the end of the day, they were starting to feel a little sympathy for me.  Still laughing, but with a hint of sympathy.  Or, maybe that was the vicadin.

Hey, whatever you do this summer, wherever you go this summer, for heaven’s sake, have fun……..Fred.

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One Response to A Few Summer Random Thoughts & Observations:

  1. FF says:

    Thank you for writing “something, anything” — trust us, it’s more interesting and meaningful than you might think. Plus now that I know your house is Forest Green and Eloquent Ivory I’ll be able to sleep at night. 😉 Firmly in category #3, BTW (how can a person *not* use “BTW”?), though of course you already know that. Keep writing for us!

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