Top 18 Reasons To Attend:

In case you haven’t caught my ramblings on facebook, some 10 days ago, I decided to start a countdown of 18 reasons (as if you needed more than one) to attend the TeamBASS “Fall in Fun” Nia event at the fabulous Walters Cultural Art Center in downtown Hillsboro, OR.

Now that were only 8 days away, thought I’d post a summary of the reasons thus far:

#8:  For Gosh Sakes…it’s “TeamBASS”.

#9: Try as you might, but you will have a very difficult time trying to remember the last time you had this much fun, the last time you felt this good. What, you hesitate to believe me, well come and prove me wrong.

#10: There are spectators and there are participants. In Nia, there are no spectators…and deep down, you are not a spectator. Come and find the joy in participating!!!

#11:  You will thank yourself for the gift you’ve given yourself in attending.  And really, when was the last time you thanked yourself!!!

#12:  If you happen to see the video/slide show or photos from our May Day event, those beautiful photos were shot by the “TeamBASS” very talented and wonderful official photographer, Fred Ramstad. Today is her birthday and what a wonderful gift you could give to her by attending and being a part of her beautiful photos.

# 13:  If you visit the link at the bottom of this post, your eyes can’t help but to be drawn to the swinging tangerine dance pants that just happen to be worn by our very favorite hungarian babe, oh, and one of the most wonderful people to dance with on the planet. SHE’LL BE THERE!!!! And that alone is worth waaaayyyyy more than the price of admittion.

# 14: Laurie gets so giddy each time someone gets a ticket. It is reminiscent of the expression your children have on Christmas morning, opening the big present from Santa. …… For Real!!!! So make this day a little like Christmas morning for Laurie and get your ticket!!!

#15: If you don’t know it already, you will discover that you in fact do have rhythm. This little discovery alone can be life changing. Sign up!!!!

#16: $money back $ guarantee….yes, folks, if you can honestly tell me afterwards you didn’t have a good time, I’ll personally refund your $$!!!



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