Growing Up with a December Birthday:

I find it just a little difficult to warm to the fact that another year has so quickly gone by.  But here I am, posting a second blog in reference to my birthday.

I was fortunate to be born…(maybe a good place to stop), and for the longest time, being born 5 days before Christmas was, well, interesting.  If you are one of my fellow December babies, you might relate to receiving your birthday present wrapped in Christmas paper with the message “From Santa”.  In my very youthful years, the question I was asked by the gift giver (parents and later other loved ones in my life) on the day of celebrating my birth was “Would you like your present today, or on Christmas?”  It actually took me several birthdays to realize if my answer was “Now!” I really didn’t get one on Christmas.  As I matured in age, I discerned that the supposed logic for the gift giver was that by combining both events into one present, they could afford to get a much bigger, nicer gift.  I’m not in anyway refuting that logic or even the intent behind that logic, but I often questioned the actual outcome of the practice.   What would it have been like to have a birthday, say in July?  Would I have received two, say grade “B” gifts, one in December, and one in July, as opposed to the one supposed grade “A” gift in December?  Just wonderin’.  My youthful sense was two grade “B” gifts were better than one grade “A”.  OH!  And as a note of interest, I have found similar sentiments in conversations I have had over the years with other “Christmas Babies.”

All that being said!  Having now reached such a mature age, from this birthday forward I will choose to give myself the gift that reflects the wisdom of combining two presents into one.   And to go along with this newly acquired wisdom, I believe that it is perfectly within reason to give such gift + or – 30 days of said such birthday.

Indeed, a rather round about way of sharing with you that I have gifted myself a new camera.  One that not only shoots great photos but some of the best HD Video for a price that….well…makes for a great grade “A” gift to myself.

The fact that I’m not inviting you over for dinner, chaining you to a chair and forcing you to watch my new videos is a sign of the evolved being that I am becoming.  From time to time, I plan on sharing some of my photos and video with the world.  And YOU can then choose from time to time to be a part of that world or not.

It seems, for me, adding “video/photo man” is another element of “A Renaissance Man In The Making.”

A Little Morning Rain on the Farm!

To all my fellow December Birthday people:  Happy Birthday.  And a Merry Christmas to all!!!

And for heavens sake, have fun…….Fred


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4 Responses to Growing Up with a December Birthday:

  1. shoeboxofphotographs says:

    Happy Birthday!

    So…tell us what kind of camera!

  2. Christina says:

    Very nice! Thank you for sharing this and now that I know your birthday…I’ll have to think of something besides my go to of chocolate!

    🙂 Christina

  3. Caz says:

    Happy B/Day. Enjoy your gift to yourself…the best type:-)

  4. Joe Lynn says:

    My son was born on December 21st. I am sure he can relate. What can I say? Poor planning on my part? My Bad! 🙂

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