My Christmas Card/Blog/Video

I really do enjoy getting the token Christmas card in the mail.  I just hate to send them, which I’m pretty sure is why I receive so few, and I completely am on board with that.  But with technology being what it is, and a chance to continue using my new birthday/Christmas present to myself.  Here is my new tradition, my Christmas card/video to you all….and yes, I do mean YOU!….Merry Christmas!!!

Click Here To View My Christmas Card/Video!


More years ago than I can remember, my mother, who is now the 87-year young matriarch of this ever growing clan, began a tradition at our extended family Christmas gathering to have everyone gather in a circle and individually answer “the” question that she has spent the last month formulating in her mind.  Over the years, those questions have been humorous, thought provoking, insightful, odd, and pretty much any other adjective you might think of.  But Christmas 2009, she broke tradition.  It turns out that one of the privileges of being matriarch is that she can break tradition whenever she likes! And she does!  Last year, Phyllis decided to give us the 2010 question a year in advance.  Ah, the wisdom that comes with being 87 years young.  Her question that we will all share our answer to is…..(drum roll)…..  “What have you done this last year to make a difference?”  At first blush, my thought is “sweet, I have a year to think of an answer.”  Some six months into the year it was,  I guess I better do something to make a difference…Ah…now I see the wisdom!

So, my facebook and non-facebook friends, ponder this for a moment.  In the spirit of pay it (wisdom, matriarchal tradition, etc) forward, what will you choose to do this next year to make a difference?   Consider choosing this season, this next month, this next year, to be your year…your time.  If I might be so bold to paraphrase some of Ecclesiastes 3……

Let this be your time to be born, your time to plant, your time to heal, your time to tear down and to build up, your time to weep and to laugh, your time to mourn and to dance, your time to embrace, to search, to find, to mend, to speak, to be silent.  Your time to love, to be loved, and your time for peace.

As John Lennon so put it…..IMAGINE!!!

Whatever you choose to do to make a difference….for heaven’s sake…have fun!    Fred

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3 Responses to My Christmas Card/Blog/Video

  1. Catherine Carlson says:

    Thanks Fred! I actually really enjoyed watching your card because with a new babe its not so easy for me to get up to Portland, and definitely not at night! It made me feel like I got to see all the best of it all lit up.
    And I don’t think making a difference needs to be a huge thing. Sometimes its just a phone call, e-mail or even just stepping outside your door.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  2. Alesia says:

    Beautiful stuff as always Fred. Thanks for sharing your lovely video and your sentiments!

  3. Maureen says:

    I just now saw that lovely Christmas card, Fred and it was a real treat. I don’t even care that “it arrived” after Christmas. Really nicely done! Tell your Momma, hello 🙂

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