Choices-Part 1: Awareness

I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but a few days ago I found myself channel surfing in hopes to find some good entertainment.  (I had just seen Black Swan and Country Strong and was in need of something better).  I came across….wait for it…Shallow Hal.  Hard to believe I missed this the first time around and the fact that I even started watching it speaks to how desperate I was for entertainment, and what little else was on TV at the time.  But, this is not to be a blog movie review.  What was actually somewhat interesting was the main character, Hal, being semi-hypnotized by guru Tony Robbins to see only the character and beauty of women from the inside.  You can imagine where this storyline takes you, BUT, 1. Jack Black pulls off the truly seeing, believing the beauty of others within.  THEN, 2. when the spell is removed, he is left to make a choice.  Choose to see the beauty within or not!

It got me to thinking (yes, a somewhat rare thing on my part) about choices.  Pondering the power that we have with our individual right to choose.  The power, the responsibility and of course the consequences that come with the oh so many choices that we make each day.

I remember back in my younger days—like way younger days—I used to speak a little bit like a rough truck driver. “Foul” or “colorful” I think are the words one might use to describe many of the adjectives I was communicating with the world around me.  Not a crazy truck driver, but I simply, slowly, took on the language of the college guys that I was hanging with.  One day, I truly heard myself and it stopped me mid-sentence.  This isn’t who I want to be.  This isn’t how I want to speak.  From that point on I made a choice, to NOT use “foul” language.  The change came in small increments, one choice at a time to NOT use the word or words that were coming to my mind.  To help, I used a substitute word.  ”Sheeesh!”  I know, the power of the word just kind of blows you over.  But in time the colorful words were no longer even coming to mind.  I can vividly remember slipping once using a word that might describe a pile of horse manure within earshot of my son, and how shocked he was.  After he picked himself up off the ground from laughter, ”Dad, whatever just happened must be pretty bad, it’s the first time I’ve ever heard swear.”  I felt bad (that I had slipped up) and good (that he was an adult and had never heard me use foul language).

My point…the power of personal choice.  The things that I can change with my personal choices.

I recognize that this is going to sound somewhat black and white.  Life is often anything but.   However, at its core, I believe that wherever we are in life, it’s a result of personal choice, a series of personal choices.  Take just a moment and think about that.  Are you not happy where you are in your life?  Oh, the cost is higher than you want to live with?  You don’t want to upset others?  I get that, but recognize that it is still your choice to be there.  AND HEY, you don’t have to choose to make big changes in your life, recognize the power in choosing to change your perception on your life.  The power to choose how you view things.

Sometimes I make life to be much more complicated than it need be.  What to do? How to feel?  What does it mean?  It appears at times there are so many decisions
I must make just to get through the day, I sense my battery draining just sitting here at Starbucks thinking about it…hot chocolate? Rooibos tea?

And yet, there is a great sense of personal power that I have in choosing….I GET to choose cocoa, or tea, or water, or soda.  No one else can really choose for me….Ohhhh, they would like to, those sneaky marketing people at Starbucks.  They certainly try and influence my choice….but it’s still MY choice.

My day typically starts with the sound of Paul Linnman’s voice coming through my radio and filling me in on what the current events and weather are at that moment.  But I rather quickly have to choose, do I lie there in bed for just a few more moments, minutes, or do I get up and make the walk to the kitchen?  And when I do make it to the kitchen, do I choose a protein shake, or just the banana?  Do I take the truck or the car?  Do I take Hwy 219, or Hwy 6 into town?

The people that I hang with at work, at play, the things I do with my precious free time.  The news that I watch or read, the movies that I see or don’t go to see, and how all this affects me.  I still see all these as choices that I get to make and how I respond to them.

My whole point with this crazy little blog is simply to bring an AWARENESS to the choices that are made each day.  That we make each day.  And the power we have in choosing.

Next time, Choices-Part II:  The emotional root behind choices.  Plugging into the “Matrix”, the energy of the joy of movement in everyday living.

PS:  Movie Making:  Scripts are pretty locked.  The working titles are “The Last Gift”, and “The Gatekeeper.”  Storyboard for “The Last Gift” is completed and hope to start shooting it in the next 3 weeks.  I’ll keep you posted.

Hey, whatever you choose to do today…for heaven’s sake…choose to have fun….Fred

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One Response to Choices-Part 1: Awareness

  1. Caz says:

    I see a sef help book being written in the future:-)

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