Nia, Rhythm, and birth control!

Wondering just where I’m going with this one?

Well!   Whenever I invite someone to a Nia class, one of the most common responses I get is…”Oh, I couldn’t do that, I can’t dance, I don’t have any rhythm.”  I SMILE, and share with them the fact that indeed, we all have rhythm.  Like myself, we may have not tapped into it for a long, long, time.  We may not have tapped into since we were children, when we jammed to the music in our hearts for hour on hour and one day we put it away and convinced ourselves we never had it.  Trust me, it’s there, and it wants dearly to come out and play again.

Try this.  In the privacy of your home, or in your car, (if you choose your car, make sure you have safely pulled over, at a complete stop, put the car in park and engage the parking brake.) put on some music, shut off your brain, and let your body feel the music.  Let yourself move, just a little.   If that brings just a slight smile to your face, a sense of joy, pleasure, then find the nearest Nia class and you just might multiply that sensation beyond what you believe possible.

Now, let me explain the SMILE on MY face whenever someone brings up the subject of rhythm.  WARNING: we are going to talk about birth control.  Yes, the Rhythm method of birth control.  The one that St. Augustine wrote of in 388 AD.

My mother is a true-blue, born and raised Roman Catholic.  Some might say she is more “Roman” Catholic than Rome.  My dad came to the Catholic faith through the influence, or inspiration, of my mother.  He was actually raised in a Southern Baptist family.   Now, while I wasn’t actually present when my parents met and dated in the big city of Sheridan, Oregon,  I feel safe in concluding that dad’s partial motivation to conversion had something to do with my mother refusing to marry anyone who wasn’t of her faith.  And while I believe dad truly understood, believed, and lived most of the tenets of the Catholic faith, I’m not sure he completely bought into the Catholic intent behind the “rhythm” method of birth control.  My reasons:

  1. My mother gave birth to 10 children over a period of 15 years.  That statistic does not speak well as a method of birth control.
  2. In order, my mother gave birth to 2 girls….5 boys….2 girls….then after the next child was a boy, I believe my mother saw the pattern and felt it was time to make a change.  Break the cycle so to speak.   And while there is a sense rhythm to this pattern, it has very little to do with birth control.
  3. In case you think this is isolated to one family in the 60’s and 70’s, at the local Catholic parochial school I attended growing up, many of my classmates had a similar number of siblings as I.   I suppose one might question if the “method” itself was ineffective or the communication of how to use the method was ineffective.

My point?  I really don’t have one.  I’m certainly not making a judgment on one’s choice of family planning, just sharing my observation of the effectiveness of the “rhythm” method of birth control in OUR family, and how that sneaks into the back of my mind whenever the subject of “rhythm” is a part of any conversation.   I know, the inner workings of my mind…what can I say?

Wherever your day takes you….share a little dance along the way, and for heaven’s sake….have fun….Fred

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3 Responses to Nia, Rhythm, and birth control!

  1. laurie says:

    entertaining read, Bass….

  2. caz says:

    Laughing (from my Irish Catholic Background!)

  3. Mary DeLoria says:

    This struck me as pretty funny – I noticed, at the end of your post, Google’s choice of advertising block:

    Ads by Google
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