My Birthday Blog, 2011

I’ve just discovered that one of the consistent things I have accomplished since I started this blog is that I actually write a blog on about my Birthday.  So, as not to break the one consistent thing, here is my un-edited (because I’m just currently fatigued by editing) Birthday Blog!

It may not be true, but it seems that I’ve been asked more than usual this year what I would like to have or do on my birthday.  I either have more friends, or I’m approaching that age where people are worried I might forget that it’s my birthday.  I’m choosing to believe I have SO many more friends.  In any case, it got me to thinking, what would I like….?

My Short List: (trust me, you don’t want to see the long one)

  1. Films:  While part of me dares to dream that Ron Howard is going to call any day now and ask me to work on a film with him, my wish is to simply finish my current short “The Gate Keeper” with some sort of sanity.  Have to tell you, editing, it just hard work.  Who would have guessed.
  2. Work:  I am so grateful to have work, but on this day, my birthday, my wish is for it to get a little easier.  Actually, that I would choose an easier way, maybe a better way, or maybe even a new way to make a living.  Just throwin’ that out there.
  3. Nia & life:  So happy to have had the experience to have taken the Black Belt intensive training with Debbie Rosas and Ann Christiansen this last year.  Challenging and inspiring.  One of the things my Nia practice has gifted me is the awareness of the energy of grief.  The physical energy of grief.  My sense is that as a society we address the emotional , mental and even spiritual realms of grief, but leave the physical realm of grief un-attended.  It is my wish to share a workshop that’s been in my mind, my body, my spirit for the last 3 years on how to move…just move with the physical pain, the physical energy of grief that resides in us.  Releasing us then to dance through life, and I do mean dance, with a greater fullness of who each of us are.
  4. Faith, Family & Friends:
    1. Faith:  Whatever faith you adhere to, or don’t adhere to, I have to believe that most of us could agree on “loving your brother…” as a good thing.  My wish is that I could just show it, and share it a little more.  Not change the world kind of thing, just to my neighbors, my co-workers, my aquaintences, the person passing by at the mall (ok, you’ll never at the mall, so let’s just say on the street).  My wish, that I might make a more conscious effort to share a little more love.
    2. Family:  Jessie called about an hour ago, she’s just outside Bakersfield CA., she and Shaun are on there way to visit family and friends in L.A. over the holidays.  Aaron and Marie and busy getting ready for not just the holidays but for the wedding in January.  Jaime and Joel continue to shower me with their love from above.  I have 10 siblings that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.  I have a mother here on earth that at 88 still drives like a maniac and a father that shares special space above with Jaime, Joel and my big sis, Paula.  My wish is simply that I get to spend a little more time with you all this next year and that you would somehow just know how much you truly mean to me.
    3. Friends:  Hah, with a family my size, who really needs friends.  (in the writing world we call that a tension release, it is for me anyway.)  For reasons beyond my understanding and far more that I could ever deserve, I have been blessed with many, many special friends.   I love each and everyone of you.  My wish is that I might somehow return to you, the friendship that you have extended to me.

And my final wish on the birthday, is that “The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo” is just half as good as I hope it to be.  I’ll let you know.

My Best Wishes to YOU ALL!!!!

While I don’t know what is in store for you the rest of this day, my birthday, For Heaven’s Sake…Have Fun….Fred!!!!

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One Response to My Birthday Blog, 2011

  1. Fred says:

    Man…you must have had a really busy day. 😉 I wish all those things for you, as well, my friend!

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