How two of my lifelong paths merge!

The Elden Kellar Scholarship fundraiser/Gate Keeper premier is a just a few days away.  Amongst the last minute edits and the anxious feelings over publicly sharing my “baby”, here is the revelation of where these two separate paths I’ve been on actually came to me.

My Elden Kellar path:

If you look far enough back in my blogs, you will see that I attended a local catholic parochial school here in Hillsboro called St. Matthews.  My years there were filled, mainly due to the many wonderful dads who volunteered their time as coaches, with a plethora of after school sports.  There was the long-standing tradition of flag football in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring.  During my 5th grade year, one of my classmates, and truth be told, easily the best all around athlete in our class, decided that we should have a track team.  I wasn’t sure what “track & field” was, but if Bill says it’s the thing to do, I was in.  So, one fine spring day, about 10 of us jumped on our sting ray bicycles after school, rode them across town to Hare Field and met Bill’s dad, who had volunteered to be our coach, AND, just happened to be the local high school’s head track coach.  This marks the beginning of my 40 plus year friendship with one of the finest human beings on this planet, Elden Kellar.

My Path of Good Story Telling:

It was also during my 5th grade year at St. Matt’s that our teacher gave us one of the most creative assignments I have ever had.  We were learning about the Revolutionary War as a part of out American History curriculum.  In English class, we were working on the basic elements of writing a letter.  As an assignment, our teacher merged both classes by having us choose a character from the revolutionary war and from the perspective of that person, write a letter to someone.

I chose to create a character that had survived the battle at Bunker Hill and found himself in a make-shift field hospital in the middle of nowhere.  I then wrote a letter from his perspective to his mother back home.  I became that character. I shared with her my injury, the battle, the friends I had lost, the friends that had survived, that I looked forward to returning to fight for all our freedoms, but most, I looked forward to returning home.

The day that our teacher returned our assignments, without acknowledging who the author was, she decided to share one of the letters.  Most likely due to my bad habit of daydreaming, it took her reading a few sentences into the letter before I realized it was my letter she was sharing.  It was one of the scariest and yet most thrilling times of my young life.

And it’s really only now, looking back, that I realize it was that moment that my passion and love for storytelling first revealed itself to me.

And now, after all these years, I have the thrill of merging these two paths at one event.  My premiere of The Gatekeeper, a short film that I wrote and filmed, as a fundraiser for the Elden Kellar Scholarship.

Come join us on April 11th, 7:30 pm, at the Venetian Theatre, and for heaven’s sake…..Have fun……Fred!


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