A Link, and some final thoughts on The Gate Keeper Premier/Elden Kellar Scholarship Fundraiser

The Link:  Hope you enjoy!

The Gate Keeper: The Story of a Corporate “Con” gone wrong!

The Final Thoughts:

1.  THANKS:   to all who came out to the Gate Keeper Premier/Elden Kellar Scholarship fundraiser.  It was one of the scariest/most enjoyable evenings I’ve personally had in a long time.   Thanks to your generosity, we raised just under $1000.00.  What a night!

2.  TAKES A VILLAGE:  I’m sure that you could create, shoot, edit a movie all by your little lonesome in your home…but why.  As I look back at the process, some of the most joyful moments have come from working on the project with others.  From working out the details with UniCorp properties to use the Lobby of one of their buildings, to working with the Law firm of Sather, Byerly & Holloway who graciously let us use their offices and conference room, to working with my friends, who doubled as our cast, and who were so gracious with their time and their talents.  And while only a couple of you have ever been in front of a camera or have ever acted more than a day in your life, you are all the best in my book and made this so much fun. (see the out takes at the end of the credits for sampling of fun).  And finally, working with Denzil Scheller and his staff, who donated the best venue ever to hold a premier/fundraiser, thank you again Denzil.

3.  JUST DO IT:  I recall watching an interview that Ed Burns gave when he shared the thrill and agony of putting together a film.  Just the sheer joy and pain of creating, filming, editing this little film AND THEN, inviting a few friends over to sit on the couch and watch your little baby.

Well, I can’t even begin to describe for you what the 48 hours building up to the premier was like.  My mind was filled with re-editing thoughts (in fact, I was making editing changes 8 hours before the premier).  My mind was also filled with the thought of “was this film really good enough?”  Really, people are going to spend some of their valuable time to watch this movie, I certainly didn’t want it to be a waste for them.  Fortunately, I have a close friend that I could share this fear that I had with.  He was kind enough to put his arm around me, pause, and with a most serious tone in his voice….”Bass, no one is coming because of your film, in fact, your little film could win an academy award, OR, it could be a dog, it doesn’t matter.  Folks are coming to support the Kellar Scholarship…pure and simple”.  Everyone should have friends like mine.  Not only was he right, the fact of the matter is that no one attending was a film critic, they were all friends who couldn’t have been more supportive.

My point to all you budding film makers…just do it.  Write it, film it, edit it, and learn from it.

4.  STORYTELLING AND FILMING:  I view myself first and foremost as a storyteller.  And while I have great strides to make in that area, I have a universe to learn about the technical side of filming.  I shoot with a Canon T2i.  It is what my budget allows me at this stage of my life.  There was a period when I lamented not having the T3i, or the 5D, or 7D, or this or that, if you get my drift.  But I have seen what guys like Luke Neumann (youtube, Neumann Films) can do with a T2i.  And yes I know he currently shoots with a 5D (see his latest short, “Copelandia”), and while I’ve never had the pleasure of having a conversation with Luke, I feel very safe in sharing that I know that he gets the shots he does for 2 reasons…He is very talented and he works very hard at it.  So until I put in a fraction of the time that he undoubtedly does learning his craft and gain a fraction of the talent, I will never again lament about shooting with my T2i.   I choose to view it as a sign of growth when you can admit to yourself that it really isn’t so much about the equipment, but how well you know it, and what you do with it.

Whatever you are currently lamenting over that you don’t have, get over it and do the very, very best with what has presently been gifted to you.

Whatever it is you have a passion to do…my advice…do it…and for heaven’s sake…..have fun….Fred

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