A few years before Fridays with Phyllis. Phyllis-the youngster!

I am often asked in my daily travels (to the store, getting gas, walking to the mailbox, Nia classes, yes, a pretty filled life) how my mom is doing. In responding to a family friend a few days back it struck me how blessed I am to be able to answer, “as wild and crazy as ever”.  In all honesty, that is true, and as of today, she being on the earth for 91 years, 5 months and 12 days, that is a remarkable thing to be able to say. And when I use the loving term “wild and crazy”, those of you that know her, well you know just what of I speak. She drives…but in her words, not “fast-fast”, just “sort of fast”. She dances most every Saturday night at the Pumpkin Ridge Grange Hall. She has a list of 13 things for her OR her children “to do” each day.  This is just a glimpse into her life.

All this to introduce a new “category” to my rather stagnant blog. Leave it to my mother, in her round about way, to give me something “to do” as well as add a little inspiration to getting back to sharing things with the world.

Why “Fridays with Phyllis”? My younger brother, my younger sister and I started congregating each Friday evening at mom’s house a number of years back to simply “catch up”. However, within a few weeks of the first gathering, our “catch up” time morphed into a Friday night “meal”.   My mother is of the generation and the personality that most all problems are solved, all stories are better told, and the world can be saved, over a good meal. As much as we protested and threatened to go on strike if she kept making meals, it was her idea and it isn’t going to end.

A few fun facts about my mother.  She was born Phyllis Schehl in 1923 in the rural world of Atkinson, Illinois. She is the middle child of Fred and Alma Schehl.   Her childhood was filled with exploring life on the farm with older sister Marie and younger brother Gene. Upon college graduation, she came west to Oregon in 1947 and started her teaching career at Sheridan High School. Crossing the bridge home one afternoon after school in that Norman Rockwell’ish setting, she ran into a young man by the name of Bob (Randolph Bass). Their eyes met, they dated, danced, and married.   10 children and many years later brings us to this, Friday nights with Phyllis.

My hope and intent for what follows over the next weeks, months, years, is a mix of memories past, current and yet to come, a few pearls of wisdom I have learned from Phyllis and a celebration of one of the most unique, interesting, inspiring, beautiful women alive today. IMHO (that’s “in my humble opinion” to show my children that I am somewhat up on the social “text”, fb, tweet lingo)

Feel free to share, to comment, but one rule, if it is not of a positive attitude, it will be deleted….as Phyllis would tell you…if you have not a good thing to say….don’t say it.

Till next week, and as Phyllis is prone to share at each meal, ”might need a little salt”.

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2 Responses to FRIDAYS WITH PHYLLIS, Week 1: Tuna Noodle

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good for you, Fred! I’m glad you recognize how special your Mom is and how lucky you are to have her. Of course, spending time with her like you are must be the BEST gift she could wish for. Tell her hello from her dental hygienist from way back 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Fred,
    I love this!!! I’ll look forward to each week’s blog. As you know, your Mom is a woman I have admired from the first day I met her. She is amazing. Thank you for sharing !

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