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Fridays with Phyllis: Vol. 3-“Ensign Schehl”

If you are one of the blessed human beings on this earth to actually know Phyllis and the bundle of energy and activity that she is, then you have at least a glimpse of the adventurous person she is. If … Continue reading

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Fridays with Phyllis Vol. 2: “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

A couple housekeeping items. Some of you have been so kind to share your memories of mom and have asked that I say hello, etc. Thank you so much. But some of you have signed in as anonymous, and I … Continue reading

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I am often asked in my daily travels (to the store, getting gas, walking to the mailbox, Nia classes, yes, a pretty filled life) how my mom is doing. In responding to a family friend a few days back it … Continue reading

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WARNING:  YOUR ASSIGNMENT IS….. On any given Saturday night, you can find my soon to be 90 year young mother at the Pumpkin Ridge Grange Hall dance.  I know this for two simple reasons.  1.  We, her 9 living children, … Continue reading


A Link, and some final thoughts on The Gate Keeper Premier/Elden Kellar Scholarship Fundraiser

The Link:  Hope you enjoy! The Gate Keeper: The Story of a Corporate “Con” gone wrong! The Final Thoughts: 1.  THANKS:   to all who came out to the Gate Keeper Premier/Elden Kellar Scholarship fundraiser.  It was one of the … Continue reading

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How two of my lifelong paths merge!

The Elden Kellar Scholarship fundraiser/Gate Keeper premier is a just a few days away.  Amongst the last minute edits and the anxious feelings over publicly sharing my “baby”, here is the revelation of where these two separate paths I’ve been … Continue reading

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My Reflections on being a Wedding Officiant:

More years ago than I care to admit, I had the honor of serving on a local church staff.  One of the “perks” as I saw it at that time, was having the legal requirements to be able to officiate … Continue reading

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