Fred’s comment rules.

It has been said by much wiser folks than I, but I agree with the sentiment.  My blog is my house.  You are invited to come on in, visit, chat, get to know others.  BUT, do so with respect and kindess to others.   There really is enough bad mo-jo out there, we’re not going to contribute to it here.

Feel perfectly free to disagree.  In fact, I welcome your disagreements, but just don’t go crazy while doing so….OR…I’ll kick you out of my house.  As I would expect you to do so if I went all crazy in your house.

AND, I’m not big on anonymity.  So don’t be sharing your thoughts and hiding behind your user name, do so with your personal name.

Thanks….and for heaven’s sake….have fun…….Fred


5 Responses to Fred’s comment rules.

  1. Lila says:

    Okay, I’ll try not to get too crazy when I disagree with you, which you know I will. Wouldn’t want to be kicked out of your house though!

    BTW, I can’t help it. I catch typos. One of the very few things I”m anal about I guess. Add and “r” to pesonal above, kay. But i won’t go too crazy if you don’t… i am so chuckling right now.

    But seriously, your blog rocks!

  2. Lila says:

    furthermore, the “for heaven’s sake” is so Fred. Thanks for inviting me to your blog/home.

  3. Fred! I just found your blog. It’s delightful! I love “the making of a Renaissance Man”!
    It sounds as if you are there.
    I’m working on “the making of a Renaissance Woman”…
    I have several friends who love Nia…. I’ll give it a whirl now!
    Keep writing… It’s great and theraputic.

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