Guitar Man

My guitar story:

So I was watching TV one evening, yeah, I know, but we’ll address that later.  It was Public Television, a show here in greater Portland area called “Oregon Art Beat” where each week they feature several artist from around Oregon.  This particular evening, they were featuring a wonderful acoustic guitar player and part of the segment featured him teaching a fairly large class.

Yes, I’m one of those guys that always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, even bought a few books, but I’m just not that guy who can self learn.  You will note that common theme in other areas, but now I get it.  So, I make note of the name of the featured artist “Doug Smith” and google him the next day.   Find his web page, send of an e-mail asking if the class is still available.  Doug, it turns out, one of the nicest human beings to walk the earth, doesn’t have the class anymore, but offers private lessons.   I take a deep breath and ask the price of such lessons.  To my shock, yeah, really, here’s a guy with grammy recognition and he’s offering to help teach me at a price that is just way too reasonable.

So, long story short.  Doug has been kind enough to hang with me once every few weeks and gently encourage me along in my trying to play those six strings the last few years.   In all honesty, I should be probably be better than I am for as long as we’ve been at it, BUT, I am better than I was yesterday.

So, it is my hope to share in this continuing process in the catagory “guitar stuff”.  If you have any interest, any help, any thoughts, toward guitar playing….please share…….Fred


3 Responses to Guitar Man

  1. Loretta Milo says:

    Hey Fred,
    Belated Happy Birthday!!

  2. Dennis Bosworth says:

    The wonderful thing about playing guitar for me is also a bit frustrating. You’re never done. The more you play, the better you get, the more you want. It is the puzzle that is never compleated. You have to love learning to play as much as playing. I noticed as time went on I stopped singing because it didn’t do anything to satisfy the guitar fix. Feed the monster!

    • fredbass says:

      I so agree Dennis. Kind of like golf, you never master it. You just keep at it…”feed the monster” indeed. Thanks!

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