Movie Man

I have a number of vices, one of them being movies.  I luv good story telling.  And at the same time, I very much dislike spending my hard earned money on not so good story telling.  I very much understand and appreciate that story telling can be very subjective.  What I may find to be a great way to tell a story, you may find rather boring.  Neither of us is right or wrong, just different likes.  So, let’s spend some time with this catagory and talk about movies, ones we like and dislike.  What we might like about it or dislike about it.

And let’s go a step further.  In the spirit of story telling, le’t s talk some about screenwriting.  I’m working on my 3rd screenplay.  And I’ll share with you at a later date my thoughts on my first two attempts.  But I just want to put it out there, a place where we can talk about what makes for a good story, in hopes that I can somewhat selfishly learn from you, and make my stories better.

So, if you have any interests in movies, story telling, screenwriting, head for the Movie/Screenwriting catagory, and jump in……please.



3 Responses to Movie Man

  1. Fred, I love movies also, and I have a son who is a filmmaker, and excellent editor, He took classes at the Northwest film center, and until he became quite ill, he was on his way. Becausee of him, I have totally expanded my film viewing, and learned alot of things about movies that I probably didn’t even know I needed to learn.

    So what are some of your favorite movies, and what kind of a critic are you? And what are your screenplays about. Have you tried to market them?

    • fredbass says:

      Carol: So wonderful for you to drop by. I hope to answer some of your questions in the coming week when I get the “Movie Stuff” category up. My first two attempts were “coming of age” movies. My attempt at marketing them was to enter them in a contest…”Nicholl Fellowship”. But to no avail. Which is what sent me to a few more books, reading screenplays, and taking a class at NW Film center. My third one, well, sort of a “Three Days of the Condor” type movie.

      Anyway, keep coming back, I hope to interact more, I want to hear more about your sons exp. and NW Film center.


  2. Linda Lander says:

    Hi Fred, I have thought so many times I should make the effort to get to know you better. I see your posts about film making and have finally taken a class where you were teaching. We have shared some Nia learning space as well from time to time. But I stumbled on your blog and am enjoying getting to know you from this. I have started a blog once and punked out…I think I was not as brave as you are to be so open and uncloaked, Good for you, maybe your example will help me get past it and get my ju ju back for the process. Okay…I am actually writing to you here to tell you about this, I am a documentary film maker at this point in my filmmaker career and I read this with great interest and hope that it will play into my own distribution when my first doc is actually out of me… Vimeo Is All About Filmmakers With Its New Self-Distribution Service check it out, see what you think. Might be a fun discussion to talk about distribution issues for film. Docs are somewhat different but not really these days and my first doc has a spin that is not the usual. I am helping Creative Eye get their SEED The Untold Story produced right now and learning a lot from their experience as doc producers. (my history is in educational, instructional and permanent installations like interpretive centers)

    Long reply…huh…guess I had a lot to say. 🙂

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